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DP World launches pioneering global education programme

DP World is launching a unique global education programme for 8-14 year olds across its international network.

The global trade and logistics enabler aims to engage 34,000 children by 2020 with employees delivering a range of modules in local schools as part of their volunteering leave.

Working with a specialist agency and consulting with teachers, the content covers a wide range of topics to engage young people in ports, trade and logistics, a little-known and often overlooked part of the world economy.

Modules will come with guidance and delivery notes, lesson plans, student activities and worksheets when the programme is implemented later this year in seven languages – from Arabic and English to Hindi, Mandarin, French and Spanish. The first lessons have been piloted in the UAE , India, Pakistan, Senegal, the UK, Argentina and the Philippines and will be rolled out from June across the rest of DP World’s network in over six continents.

Announcing the programme at the Arab Media Forum in Dubai this week, DP World Group Chairman and CEO, Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, said: “Education is one of the four focus areas of our community investment strategy - part of the Our World, Our Future global sustainability programme. As a leader in global trade and logistics, we want to ensure that our people and our resources support education.

“Raising awareness about the maritime sector, trade and logistics, and related career options is important for us as a business and also the communities in which we operate around the world. We expect this programme to make a genuine impact, creating lasting change and an understanding of how the modern world works for the benefit of future generations.”

Key topics in the programme include port management, sustainability and careers in trade and logistics and the maritime sector. Curriculum subjects covered also include geography, mathematics, design and technology.

The specific modules cover: 

  • Location, location – exploring the geographical features that make a good location for a new port
  • Which port am I? – aimed at encouraging an understanding that ports help global trade by linking countries around the world
  • Maritime maths – using simple maths to explain how a container ship is loaded safely
  • Correct containers – generating an understanding of how goods are traded between countries around the world
  • Super saver – exploring how maths helps to improve the efficiency of container transport
  • Go green – promoting understanding of how ports and shipping can be sustainable, and what sustainability means
  • Ports at work – learning about different jobs which help a port to function well
  • Supplying the demand – understanding what it takes using maths and geography to move goods around the world
  • United for Wildlife – learning about illegal wildlife trade and understanding ways to tackle it.

The launch of the programme follows the publication of a DP World/You Gov survey of parents of 6 -14 year olds in the Middle East and North Africa which shows that less than 30% of parents of school children in MENA region understand what trade and logistics means.

As part of its educational effort to increase understanding of the importance of trade and logistics, DP World is also joining forces with the UK creators of an innovative supply chain board game. Business On The Move has been designed to teach young people of all ages about the importance and complexity of global supply chains. The aim of the game is for players to move goods from one side of the world to customers on the other side of the world by land, sea and air, as quickly, as profitably and as responsibly as they can.

Mr. Bin Sulayem, added: “We share a passion for educating young people about how business works and the exciting opportunities it can present, particularly in the world of supply chains and logistics. The game aims to inspire, excite and educate young people by challenging them with difficult decisions similar to those they will be faced with in employment.”

Source: DP World

Photo Caption: DP World Group Chairman and CEO Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem launching the Global Education Programme at the Arab Media Forum.


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