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Naming ceremony Greyman Express held in China

Vroon's livestock carrier MV Greyman Express was named in a ceremony held on Friday 18 March 2016, at Cosco Shipyard in Guangdong, China. The vessel was named by Mrs Yijun McEwin, wife of Mr Will McEwin, Chief Financial Officer, Frontier International Agri. 

Greyman Express is the sixth and penultimate vessel in a newbuilding programme of next‑generation livestock vessels, built for Vroon in Guangdong. The vessels have been designed with a cargo capacity of approximately 4,600 sqm (around 4,000 head of cattle) and a cruising range of about 18,000 NM, sufficient for a voyage from Brazil to China and back without refuelling. They are fitted with animal-welfare facilities (ventilation/watering/feeding) exceeding Australian (AMSA) regulations, which are considered to be the world’s most stringent. The vessels feature a new design of bow that result in increased animal comfort, enabling animals to be delivered in a healthy condition, and significant fuel savings whilst maintaining a high service speed of approximately 16.75 knots in heavy weather. The seventh, and last, vessel in the series, Gudali Express, will be delivered later this year. 

Greyman Express will be handed over to Vroon later this month and will commence a medium-term charter with Frontier International Agri. We wish the vessel and her crew safe and successful sailings. 

(Note: Cosco Guangdong is also constructing a series of six platform-supply vessels for delivery to Vroon Offshore Services in 2015 - 2017.) 


Source: Vroon Group


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