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SHI renews its hold on the world’s largest container ship order record

One month after setting it, Samsung Heavy Industries has renewed its hold on the record for the world’s largest container ship order by receiving an order for 21,100TEU-class container ships. 

The company announced on the 1st that it had received an order for six units of 21,100TEU-class ultra-large container ships from OOCL (Hong Kong) at about USD 0.95 billion. This renewed the record it had set just one month earlier, when it received orders for four units of 20,100TEU-class container ships from MOL of Japan on March 2, 2015. 

The company has fortified its leadership in the market by receiving orders for ten units out of 12 units of 20,000TEU+ container ships placed worldwide. This contract includes options for six units, so it is likely that the company will receive additional related orders. 

Samsung Heavy Industries is leading the market thanks to its excellent R&D HR and its infrastructure that is capable of providing the optimal ship solutions, as well as its various eco technologies that meet the needs of customers. 

The company has continuously developed ships optimized for ship operation plans as well as large-sized container ships, using a range of testing facilities including the towing tank and the cavitation tunnel at Daedeok Ship Research Center. 

The newly ordered ships are 400m long and 58.8m wide, a similar specification to the 20,100TEU-class ships previously ordered. However, the newly ordered ones can load 1,000 more 20-feet containers, as they accommodate one more layer of containers.

The newly ordered ships will also be equipped with a number of energy-saving systems, including propellers, rudder bulbs and stators developed by Samsung Heavy Industries. The ships will be delivered by November 2017. 

Samsung Heavy Industries also announced that it had received orders from European shippers for four units of oil tankers valued at about USD 0.23 billion, making the daily contract amount about USD 1.2 billion. 

The company received orders worth USD 2.3 billion in the 1st quarter, including orders for ten units of container ships, six units of oil tankers and two units of LNG carriers. 

Samsung Heavy Industries said, “It is expected that orders for ultra-large container ships will continue, as global shipping alliances are competing to expand their fleets. We will receive additional orders by offering optimized ship solutions and a range of eco technologies.”


Source: Samsung Heavy Industries


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