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BMT introduces REMBRANDT simulation tool for marine collision reconstruction

BMT ARGOSS and BMT Surveys, subsidiaries of BMT Group Ltd, the leading international design, engineering and risk management consultancy, are pleased to announce an innovative new service as part of its marine casualty investigation portfolio.

Utilising REMBRANDT, the real and fast time simulation tool developed by BMT ARGOSS, the newly formed Collison Reconstruction and Simulation Team will be able to accurately reconstruct specific incidents involving collisions in order to identify the root cause and any lessons that can be learned. BMT’s team, which includes experienced master mariners, chief engineers, navigation and hydrodynamic modellers and weather experts, has the essential skills, depth of maritime knowledge and crucial technology to reconstruct incidents using a visual format and readily understandable process.

The simulation uses shipboard Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) data, radar images and regional AIS information combined with high fidelity ship models, which can be re-modelled to required parameters, to produce meaningful three-dimensional simulations. Voice, radar and position data sets are automatically synchronised, together with environmental data and navigational circumstances, to present a complete and seamless reconstruction of events for in depth analysis.

The globally respected  REMBRANDT simulator is regularly used by an international client base of cruise, ferry, LNG, tanker, container and bulk carrier operators and port authorities.  Combining this  with the skilful analysis of marine experts, failings can be identified to create an unbiased appraisal of how and why an incident has occurred. The resulting incident reconstruction can be used to identify what happened not only for litigation purposes, but to help improve maritime safety. Once the root cause is determined the first steps towards future prevention can be implemented. This knowledge and also the liaison with the client can produce a range of “what if” scenarios that can be thoroughly investigated and evaluated to produce specific training needs, valuable lessons and operational policies and procedures. These results can be implemented to create a cost effective and safe approach to assist in the prevention of marine collisions and casualties.

BMT ensures the delivery of a comprehensive written report and 3D visualisations that can be used by their clients, to litigate and more importantly enforce the necessary training requirements to reduce the risk of reoccurrence, lead to the development of safety and promote pollution prevention which ultimately can support the industry from within.

The new collision reconstruction service going live on 1st October 2014.

Source: BMT


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